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Why Keystone?

Keystone is a global leader in creating feedback mechanisms for social impact. Our partners include many preeminent social impact-oriented institutions. Our methodology and approaches including Constituent voice can be viewed here.

Keystone has previously run investee surveys individually for Grassroots Business Fund and Acumen Fund, as well as other stakeholder surveys for many other organizations. Harold Rosen of GBF and Brian Trelstad of Acumen are supporting the common survey by contributing the data from their surveys to it. Their letter of endorsement testifies to the benefits that they realized.

Our clients have utilized the Keystone Performance Survey to improve:

  • Application and due diligence process
  • Investment/deal structure
  • Value add to investees beyond the finance, especially impact assessment
  • Quantity and quality of communications and interactions with investees
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements
  • Capabilities to address external factors inhibiting financial and social returns

Acumen Fund and Grassroots Business Fund presented their lessons learned from running pilot surveys with Keystone Accountability at the ANDE metrics conference 2010. Both social investors used the data to explore the way forward jointly with their constituents through a constructive dialog.

The Keystone Performance Survey builds on our established work with leading impact investors and impact investment support organizations such as GIIN, IRIS, GIIRS, ANDE and Pulse, leaders in the field.

In joining the Keystone Performance Survey, you are committing to your own improvement, and also creating a powerful new data set to support learning across the field. We are committed to working with other metrics and standards efforts – such as IRIS, GIIRS and Pulse – to create an integrated set of standards and performance data for the social investment field.

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