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Development Partnership Survey

The Keystone Development Partnership Survey launched in 2010 with a survey of over 3,000 local partners of 28 international NGOs. Since then, another 40+ INGOs have taken the survey, and over 10,000 local partners have been surveyed.

Click here to read a short report on the main headlines for the INGO sector emerging from our dataset.

Click here to find out more about the original 2010 cohort survey, including reading the public cohort report.

"The results of the 2010 survey motivated us to reflect on what it means to be a better partner in the countries where IRC works.  The rich insights provided in the 2013 report will help us to continue improving our own capacities to partner and to prioritize organizational investments in response to our partners’ voices. Putting local actors in the driving seat of their own development is a strategic priority for IRC, and the Keystone reports play an important role in helping us deliver on that commitment."

John Keys, IRC Senior Vice President, Programs

Now its your turn to hear from your partners!

Each participating NGO gets a unique report, comparing its performance to sector benchmarks. The comparison allows NGOs to identify specific strengths and areas for improvement. Keystone guarantees independence, confidentiality, a consultative process and comparative data. You can take the survey at any time that is convenient for you, but there is a large INGO group now taking the survey together to optimize opportunities for exchange and learning.

Each INGO receives a confidential individual report detailing how their partners rate their performance compared to sector benchmarks. In an effort to increase accountability, responsibility and transparency with their partners, a growing list of INGOs have publicly released their reports, along with their plans to improve: AbleChild Africa, Church World Service, Peace DirectPractical Action, Progressio, Save The Children (UK), and Save The Children (US)

 “The confidential survey enabled us to validate with robust data what we had only been able to get glimpses of previously through anecdotal information. The sector benchmarking really helped us to affirm our strengths and highlight areas for further improvement.”
Carol Miller, Oxfam Canada.



For a full list of INGOs who have published their reports, and to ready them, please click here.




Keystone can administer the survey to your partners at any time, providing comparisons to the existing data set of over 1,000 completed local partner questionnaires. Please contact us to discuss running your partnership survey.


See exactly how well you're doing compared to other INGOs  - and at a fraction of the cost and effort of running your own survey. 

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BondNIDOS and InterAction, network bodies for British, Scottish and US INGOs support the survey.

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